READY OR NOT by After 7

February 20, 2023

“Ready or Not” is a hit single by After 7. It was released on February 20, 1990 and is part of the band’s debut album.

It was the group’s first single to hit the top ten and was certified Gold in August 1990. 

Fun Facts:

  • After 7 is an American musical group founded in 1987 by brothers Melvin Edmond and Kevon Edmonds. They also brought in their friend Keith Mitchell.  
  • Kenneth Edmond’s stage name is Babyface. and he helped the Edmond brothers find a name for themselves. He also played a crucial role in helping the band find their first record deal with Virgin Records.
  • The band’s first album, After 7, contained a total of three hit singles—”Ready or Not,” “Can’t Stop,” and “Heat of the Moment.” The album reached platinum status. 
  • “Ready or Not” peaked at the #7 place on the US Adult Contemporary and US Billboard Hot 100.
  • It also reached the top spot on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks.
  • After 7’s second album, Takin’ My Time, also reached platinum status in 1992. 
  • Despite their success, the group disbanded in 1997 after their third album, Reflections, hit gold.
  • Melvin began having health problems, so when the group got back together years later, his son Jason took his spot. Jason helped the group with their 2016 comeback album titled Timeless. This album included three top 10 hits. 
  • Melvin Edmonds died at the age of 65 on May 18, 2019. While the group continued touring, they stopped making any albums after his death. 


I’ll give you the sun, the rain, the moon, the stars and the mountains

I’ll give you the world and all that you wish for

And even more

Girl I’ll love you more than you could know

And that’s for sure

I’d climb the highest hill, cross the widest sea

Nothing could discourage me

And I pray that you’ll be always there for me forevermore, oh

Ready or not

I’ll give you everything and more

All that I’ve got is yours

I’ll give you everything

All that you’re looking for

I’ll give you my heart, my soul, my time my love is a fountain

I will be your earth

Ooh and all that you need for and even more

‘Cause girl I love you more than words can show

My love is pure

I, I’ll walk a thousand miles, sail a thousand seas

Nothing will discourage me

And I pray that you will be always there for me forevermore

Ready or not

Don’t you know, don’t you know, you should know

I’ll give you everything, ooh (and more)

I’ll give you more

You got to know it baby

All that I’ve got

Baby, it’s yours little girl

I’ll give you everything (every little thing)

All that you’re looking for

Woah, everything is not anything

If you’re not here to share my dreams

You don’t know what it means to me

If you’ll accept my love

Ooh I dedicate my love, my soul, my heart beats for you

Girl I can’t get enough so I’ll wait for your love

There’s nothing that I’d rather do, oh

Ready or not

(I) I’ll give you everything (ooh lady) and more

I’ll give you more, you got to know it, baby

All that I’ve got

Hey it’s yours (anything you want)

I’ll give you everything (anything you need, baby just say, it’s yours, oh)

All that you’re looking for

Ready or not

Oh baby

I’ll give you everything

I’m gonna give ya, I’m gonna give you some more (and more)

Every little thing that I got

All that I’ve got

Hey it’s yours

I’ll give you everything, every little thing, baby

All that you’re looking for, oh

Ready or not

Don’t you know, don’t you know, you should know

I’ll give you everything


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