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THINKIN’ BACK by Color Me Badd

January 19, 2023

“Thinkin’ Back” was part of Color Me Badd’s C.M.B album, released in 1991. The single was officially released on January 22, 1992, by Giant and Reprise record labels.

Fun Facts:

  • Color Me Badd was formed in 1985 in Oklahoma with four members—Mark Calderon, Sam Watters, Kevin “K.T.” Thornton, and Bryan Abrams. 
  • The hit single was released as part of the band’s first of four albums, C.M.B
  • C.M.B. received a Grammy Award for Best New Artist nomination the same year it was released.
  • In 1992 the album also received an American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B New Artist nomination.
  • “Thinkin’ Back” was recorded and produced by Giant and Reprise record labels.
  • Although the song performed well, it did not perform as well as the preceding songs on the C.M.B. album. On its best (April 4, 1992) day, “Thinkin’ Back” reached #16 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, while two other songs on the same album reached the #2 spot on the Billboard 100.
  • C.M.B. sold over 6 million albums and became triple-platinum certified after spending 77 weeks on the Billboard 200. 
  • In 1998, Kevin Thornton left the band to pursue ministry. He has served as a youth pastor and worship leader for his church in Texas since. 
  • Sam Watters also left Color Me Badd and began producing for top artists, such as Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, and 98 Degrees. 
  • In 2010, the band reemerged as a duo, featuring Bryan Abrams and Mark Calderon. 
  • In 2018, Abrams was arrested after assaulting Calderon on stage. A restraining order was put in place, and the pair went on Dr. Phil (separately) to address Abram’s addictions. 


Hum…ohh baby..aww baby yeah!

We goin’ take you back a little further

Thinkin’ back on you and me,

Remembering how it use to be

Those times are precious, I cherish every moment we spent. yeah!

Thinkin’ back on all the arguments

Thinkin’ back way back when

We kissed and made up and all was fair in love

So now we gotta go back baby (maybe we can turn the hands of time)

Going back to when (going back to when you were mine)

When we were one (remembering the times when we were one, one in love)

When love was fun (ohh baby, baby)

Dig it…

Remembering the first time you showed me your love

The feeling was so strong heaven sent from above

But you had no right to play with my heart.

You showed no shame

Time after time and place after place

Night after night and day after day

I’m still missing your love and the feelings we share

Sometimes I cry at night coz’ I feel so all alone.

I need your love right here with me to keep me safe and warm.

I’m going back to when (going back to when, when you were mine)

When we were one…we were one girl.

Ohh baby girl…

When we were one…

Baby save me, I’m thinkin, thinkin’ back….

Play mr. music man play

Play mr. music man


I’m thinkin’ back….


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