November 9, 2022

“Never Make A Promise” by group Dru Hill is a 1997 award-winning R&B song that peaked on the top charts in music history. Written and produced by Daryl Simmons, the song became a signature third single for the group’s Eponymous Debut album. 

Fun Facts:

  • Larry “Jazz” Anthony is the lead singer in “Never Make A Promise.”
  • The song charted at number seven on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1997.
  • That year, it won the best-selling R&B record and received a gold certification for 700,000 sales.
  • “Never Make A Promise” is in the Dru Hill album with singles such as “In My Bed” and “5 Steps.”
  • “In My Bed” remix, popularly known as “So So Def,” drove “Never Make A Promise’s” sales. The song was on the B-side of their album.
  • “Never Make A Promise” is the group’s only song that topped the US R&B charts and occupied the slot for four consecutive weeks.
  • Shinehead released a “Never Make A Promise” cover in 1999.
  • “Never Make A Promise” peaked at number 23 in the US weekly Rhythmic Billboard.
  • The song’s music video, directed by Frank Sacramento, features a famous actress Michelle Thomas. She plays the role of Jazz’s girlfriend.


I don’t have to think about

I never been loved

Well, I only dreamed about

I wondered what it was

But now I think I know

It’s clear to me

You made me understand

I’m so proud to say I love you

I’m so proud to be your man, yes I am

I promise I’ll never hurt you

I’ll never make you cry, no

I promise I’ll never hit you

Cross my heart and hope to die

‘Cause I know I’ll keep you safe

I’ll keep you warm

I’ll keep you satisfied

I’ll be your sunshine in the morning

Be your everything at night

1 –

You told me what you wanted

I gave you what you need

I told you that I love you

Make it good for you and me

And I never make a promise

That I can’t keep

That ain’t me

Ain’t no way to get around it

Now you’re stuck with me, baby, baby

Did you know that you’d be surrounded

By my love and ecstasy

This is the start of one great love affair

That’s never ever never gonna end

We can share the world together

Oh, this is where it begun

Oh, girl I’ll stand by you

If you give me your hand

I’ll make love to you baby

Your every wish is my command

Let’s play out your fantasies

oh, I can lose your mind

Take you places you ain’t never been before

I promise you it’s alright

If I make a promise to you

Then baby that’s what I’ll do

I have nothing to lose

I give my whole world to you

(I’ll never make a promise that I can’t keep)

I’m a man of my word

For you I’m always concerned

That you’ll never be hurt

It’s for better or worse

(I’ll never make a promise that I can’t keep)


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