November 23, 2022

P.M. Dawn – Looking Through Patient Eyes (Official Music Video)

PM Dawn is a hip-hop duo from Jersey City, New Jersey. Brothers Attrell and Jarrett Cordes formed the group as teenagers growing up on the gritty Jersey City streets in the eighties. 

The band earned a place in the history of rock music as a crossover group that helped bring the hardcore hip-hop beat into American culture. As pioneers, they performed a different form of rap music in the eighties, just as new wave music hit its pinnacle. 

Fun Facts: 

  • Fans know them as “Prince Be” (Attrell) and “DJ Minutemix (Jarret). The brothers were active from around 1988, when they officially formed, until 2021. 
  • Their discography includes five studio albums and numerous singles.
  • Their debut album Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross: The Utopian Experience (1991) cemented them as pioneers in the new hip-hop music genre.
  • The song “Looking Through Patient Eyes” is from their second studio album, The Bliss Album, which was released in 1993.
  • With four albums cut under the Gee Street label, the duo pioneered the DJ/rapper performance that would one day sweep the nation.
  • Although PM Dawn cut an independent demo record in 1988, it was rejected as not being a real hip-hop song by numerous hip-hop and other music labels. Then one of those labels – Gee Street – took the chance and hired them to a deal.
  • One thing that stood out early for PM Dawn was their point of view about their performances. While the rap genre focused on telling stories, PM Dawn’s music told listeners about life through their eyes, thus changing the point of view of rap music forever.
  • “Looking Through Patient Eyes” is the band’s third and final song that hit the top 10 on the Billboard charts. It peaked at #6 for two weeks. 
  • The line “Joni help me, I think I’m falling” references Joni Mitchell’s song, “Help Me.” The band also referenced her in their song, “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss.” 
  • Prince Be had a stroke that left him without the use of the left side of his body in 2005. However, he continued to perform. 
  • Attrell Cordes died on June 17, 2016 from renal disease.



Whatever it is I do, I try to think about you.

I have a love for you that nothing hides.

Whatever it is I do, I’m always thinking of you.

I hope you look at me through patient eyes.

I’ve become amused.

I’ve become blind.

I’ve become what I know not breathes.

You seem illiterate to all my emotions.

I stand corrected, how well you read.

You speak the truth, you speak the me.

You fell the love I have yet to find.

I know it’s there, I know it’s there.

But I let the sandcastles kill my mind.

Pathetic me, I long to be you.

They think I’m close but i stand so fat.

The turbulent one sheds a turbulent tear.

I’m Mr. Love only ’cause they starve.

Oil and water, lust and sympathy.

I’ll life and death my way through the sun.

Where originates all the pain that leaves.

My memory a traumatic sponge and sings to you.

Well define my love and attitude.

Open up your mind and it will sing to you.

You can always tell.

But I know remorse so well.

I left reality early due to the lack of love… reason.

Whatever I do, I try to think about you.

I seek the sympathy and I can’t lie.

Whatever it is I do, I’m always thinking of you.

I hope you look at me through patient eyes.

The channel, a professional liar.

How I long to contradict those vibes.

Joni help me, I think I’m falling.

It’s not the love and I quest the why.

I don’t know, If I’m right, I’m right.

But if I’m wrong then show me I’m wrong.

The fear of pity is always awake.

But infinite sympathy completely gone.

It’s the windows, the doors, the passageway to the truth.

Oh my god, it echoes the mind.

In total recall as wild as the deuce.

It’s so deceiving is the clouded heart.

So superficial is the open wound.

I caress the infinite light.

That even at night. Overshadows the moon and sings to you.

Well, define my love, that lives with you.

Even when I die, it will still sing to you.

You can always tell if remorse has done you well…

The misconstrued my answers due to the

Lack of love…reason.

Whatever I do, I try to think about you.

I seek the sympathy and I can’t lie.

Whatever it is I do, I’m always thinking of you.

I hope you look at me through patient eyes.


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