I’ll Never Smile Again

May 16, 2022

I’LL NEVER SMILE AGAIN ~ Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra (1940)

If you are looking for a cool jazz song that continues to resonate with fans young and old decades after being released, it is time to give “I’ll Never Smile Again a listen.” You will love the beat and the lyrics, but there are some cool stories behind the song as well. 

Here are some interesting facts about “I’ll Never Smile Again.”

Fun Facts:

  • The song was written by a Canadian named Ruth Lowe. She wrote it after her husband died tragically following a plane crash in the military.
  • The song was written to help listeners get through a breakup, which is why it is still so relevant today.
  • An orchestra conducted by Percy Faith first performed this song in 1939. It aired on CBC Radio.
  • Tommy Dorsey heard that song and latched onto it. Not long after, the orchestra and Frank Sinatra performed it.
  • “I’ll Never Smile Again” as performed by Tommy Dorsey became a hit single. It ended up being the first #1 song on the Billboard singles chart.
  • While Sinatra remains one of the most popular singers ever, this is also considered one of his most popular songs.
  • This song was written at the outset of World War II. However, America did not enter the war until 1941, coinciding with the time that Sinatra began singing it.
  • Sinatra felt that so many listeners identified with this song because of how many loved ones were killed in the war at the time.
  • Other famous singers that performed “I’ll Never Smile Again” include The Ink Spots, Barry Manilow, and Michael Buble.



I’ll never smile again

Until I smile at you

I’ll never laugh again

What good would it do?

For tears would fill my eyes

My heart would realize

That our romance is through

I’ll never love again

I’m so in love with you

I’ll never thrill again

To somebody new

Within my heart

I know I will never start

To smile again

Until I smile at you

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  1. Patricia Myers

    love the music. how can I make it play?


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