Round Midnight – Thelonius Monk

February 13, 2022

The song of the day is the legendary jazz standard “‘Round Midnight” by Thelonious Monk.

Fun Facts:

  • “‘Round Midnight” is the most-recorded jazz song ever.
  • Although recorded in 1944, Monk may have done an early version of it in 1936, under the title “Grand Finale,” when he was just 19. Unfortunately, it’s been lost.
  • Sometimes the song is called “‘Round About Midnight.”
  • The intro to the song that is most commonly played today was not written by Monk. It was written by Dizzy Gillespie for his cover of it.
  • Monk liked Gillespie’s intro so much that he started using it himself.
  • Jazz songwriter Bernie Hanighen later added some additional lyrics that have since become incorporated into the song.
  • The movie ‘Round Midnight got its name from this song. It’s about a fictional jazz saxophonist.
  • Miles Davis’ cover of this song was so popular that it reinvigorated his then-dead career.
  • “‘Round Midnight” has been called the National Anthem of Jazz.



So we’d like to try it again

It begins to tell ’round midnight, midnight

I do pretty well ’til after sundown

Suppertime, I’m feelin’ sad

But it really gets bad ’round midnight

Memories always start ’round midnight

Haven’t got the heart to stand those memories

When my heart is still with you

And old midnight knows it, too

When a quarrel we had needs mending

Does it mean that our love is ending

Darling, I need you

Lately I find

You’re out of my arms

And I’m out of my mind

Let our hearts take wings ’round midnight, midnight

Let the angels sing for your returning

‘Til our love is safe and sound

And old midnight comes around

Feelin’ sad (I’m not finished)

Really bad