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My Prayer – Platters

January 9, 2022

Today’s song of the day is “My Prayer” by the Platters. Read up on some interesting facts about the song and the bad. 

Song Facts:

  • The music and lyrics were written in 1926 by Georges Boulanger, and it was called “Avant de Mourir.”
  • English lyrics were added to the song in 1939 by Bill Kennedy.
  • The first recording of this song was in June 1939 by the Ambrose and Orchestra.
  • The first artist to release this song was Joe Loss And His Band in August 1939.
  • The Platters recorded this song in 1955 and released the song in 1956 on their album called The Platters.
  • “My Prayer” appeared in the 2008’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the 1985 film Mischief, and the 1999 film October Sky.
  • The song went #1 on R&B Airplay and R&B Jukebox chart. It also was #1 on the Billboard charts in the summer of 1956.
  • While there have been many recordings of this popular song, the Platter’s dee-wop version is the most popular.
  • The Ink Spots version of this song was in the 1992 movie Malcolm X.



When the twilight is gone and no songbirds are singing

When the twilight is gone you come into my heart

And here in my heart you will stay while I pray

My prayer is to linger with you

At the end of the day in a dream that’s divine

My prayer is a rapture in blue

With the world far away and your lips close to mine

Tonight while our hearts are aglow

Oh tell me the words that I’m longing to know

My prayer and the answer you give

May they still be the same for as long as we live

That you’ll always be there at the end of my prayer