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Gypsy- Ink Spots

January 2, 2022

Today’s song of the day is “The Gypsy,” composed by Billy Reid and released in 1945.

Fun Facts

  • The song tells the story of an individual who visits a Gypsy fortune teller and gets assurance that the lover is faithful. The storyteller promises to return “cause I want to believe the Gypsy,” despite the fact that they both know it is false.
  • “The Gypsy” was first launched in the UK by Billy Reid’s orchestra and Dorothy Squires as the vocalist.
  • “The Gypsy” song was a success for Sammy Kaye’s orchestra, Dinah Shore, and Bill Kenny & The Ink Spots in the US.
  • Decca Records produced the Ink Spots’ recording, which featured Bill Kenny. It initially appeared on the Billboard chart on May 2nd, 1946, and was there for 18 weeks, culminating at number one. It was also the first song on the R&B charts for 3 weeks, though not consecutive.
  • From the UK to the US, in male, female, and group contexts, the Ink Spots version was the greatest rendition of all. It has a soothing guitar, piano, and brushed drumming backing Bill Kenny’s lead voice.
  • Columbia Records produced Dinah Shore’s recording. It first appeared on the Billboard charts on May 2nd, 1946, and stayed there for 15 weeks, peaking at number two.
  • RCA Victor Records released Sammy Kaye’s recording. It debuted on the Billboard list on May 9th, 1946, and stayed there for ten weeks, peaking at number four.
  • The song was featured in the Revolutionary Road movie, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.



In a quaint caravan

There’s a lady they call the Gypsy

She can look in the future

And drive away all your fears

Everything will come right

If you only believe the Gypsy

She could tell at a glance

That my heart was so full of tears

She looked at my hand and told me

My lover was always true

And yet in my heart I knew, dear

Somebody else was kissing you

But I’ll go there again

‘Cause I want to believe the Gypsy

That my lover is true

And will come back to me someday