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A Tree In The Meadow – Margaret Whiting

January 20, 2022

Today’s song is the sad, sweet song “A Tree In The Meadow” by Margaret Whiting. 

Even though this song was originally written by Billy Reid, Margaret Whiting had the popular version of it.

Song Facts: 

  • This song was originally recorded by Billy Reid in 1948. “A Tree In The Meadow” was first recorded in the United Kingdom. Miss Dorothy Squires sang vocals, and Billy led the orchestra.
  • Reid produced “A Tree In The Meadow” in January 1948. Margaret’s version was recorded in May of 1948 with Capitol Records.
  • Capitol Records recorded this song with Margaret Whiting. She sang as Frank De Vol led the orchestra.
  • Margaret Whiting’s version hit number one on the charts in July 1948.
  • Margaret Whiting was known for her country that made her famous from the 1940s to the 1950s.
  • Unfortunately Margaret passed away in 2011, making her 86 years old. She was originally from Detroit but lived out the last chapters of her life in Englewood, New Jersey.
  • Margaret’s father and two business partners started Capitol Records. At this recording studio, she recorded dozens of songs that she used during her time as a singer.
  • Margaret is known to be the best vocal artist during the postwar era. She was also heard on the radio, seen on the big screen and on stage.
  • With over 500 songs recorded and several gold Records, Margaret was very successful during her lifetime. A Tree In The Meadow is a song that she was well known for.



There’s a tree in the meadow

With a stream drifting by

And carved upon that tree I see

“I love you till I die”

I will always remember

The love in your eye

The day you carved upon that tree

“I love you till I die”

But further on down lovers’ lane

A silhouette I see

I know you’re kissing someone else

I wish that it were me

By that tree in the meadow

My thoughts always lie

And wherever you go, you’ll always know

I love you till I die