Manana (Is Soon Enough For Me) – Peggy Lee

October 4, 2021

Today’s song is a fun, upbeat tune by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour—”Mañana (Is Soon Enough For Me).”

Give this toe-tapping song a listen and see if you know the lyrics. 

Fun Facts

  • “Mañana (Is Soon Enough for Me)” is a famous song written by Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour.
  • The song “Mañana (Is Soon Enough For Me)” is forever connected to Peggy Lee.
  • Peggy Lee was the first person to record “Mañana (Is Soon Enough For Me)” on November 25, 1947
  • Dave Barbour backed up Peggy in the production of the song.
  • Capitol Records released the song.
  • The song’s catalog number is 15022.
  • “Mañana (Is Soon Enough For Me)” is Peggy’s most outstanding chart hit. It entered the Billboard’s best sellers chart during the end week of January 23, 1948.
  • The song remained top in the list for up to 21 weeks.
  • Mañana is a Spanish word that means tomorrow, but sometimes it means morning.
  • The song’s theme is humorous. The singer speaks about her habit of postponing urgent jobs to another day.
  • “Mañana (Is Soon Enough For Me)” is always performed in stereotypical Hispanic accents.
  • The band backs up its performance with some Latin flavor.
  • The song represents Peggy as a single, happy and lucky person.
  • Peggy Lee and Dave Barbour wrote the song while relaxing on vacation in Mexico.
  • The vacation was a time off for the couple following a series of misfortune that befell them.
  • Dave Barbour had survived deadly ulcers, probably due to alcoholism.
  • The couple celebrated Dave Barbour’s recovery with a long-postponed vacation.
  • The excellent time for a perfect change from hospital tension brought a total change of attitude and the song Mañana.
  • Peggy Lee loved her song, but she regretted that some individuals viewed the song as a cultural mockery.



The faucet she is dripping and the fence she’s fallin’ down

My pocket needs some money, so I can’t go into town

My brother isn’t working and my sister doesn’t care

The car she needs a motor so I can’t go anywhere

… My mother’s always working, she’s working very hard

But every time she looks for me I’m sleeping in the yard

My mother thinks I’m lazy and maybe she is right

I’ll go to work mañana but I gotta sleep tonight

… Oh, once I had some money but I gave it to my friend

He said he’d pay me double, it was only for a lend

But he said a little later that the horse she was so slow

Why he give the horse my money is something I don’t know

… My brother took a suitcase and he went away to school

My father said he only learned to be a silly fool

My father said that I should learn to make a chile pot

But then I burned the house down, the chile was too hot

… The window she is broken and the rain is comin’ in

If someone doesn’t fix it I’ll be soaking to my skin

But if we wait a day or two the rain may go away

And we don’t need a window on such a sunny day

… Oba! Oba!

(Mañana, mañana, mañana is soon enough for me)

Oba! Oba!