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The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au) – Andy Williams

August 5, 2021

Today’s song of the day is Andy Williams’ “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” (Ke Kali Nei Au).

  • The Hawaiian Wedding Song’s original title was “Ke Kali Nei Aua,” which translates to “Waiting There for Thee.”
  • It was adapted from a love song composed by King E. Charles in 1926.
  • Helen Beamer Desha recorded the original song in the Hawaiian language. It was later translated into English by Dick Manning and Al Hoffman, who gave it a new title, “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”
  • Top musicians such as Elvis Presley, Andy Williams and Bing Crosby recorded the song.
  • The version by Any Williams was released in 1958 as a single. Andy Williams was accompanied by Bleyer Archie and backed by Anita Wood.
  • Andy Williams single reached number 27 and 11 on the R&B and UK Singles Chart, respectively, in 1965.
  • Andy has won many awards, including Grammy Awards, Gold Record Awards, Platinum Record Awards, and many more.
  • Another version of “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” was done by Presley as background music for the Blue Hawaii film of 1961.
  • “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” was produced by London Records in New Zealand. London Records, also known as London Recordings, is a record label in Britain but markets records in Latin America, Canada, and the US for Decca Records.
SOTD lyrics



This is the moment

I’ve waited for

I can hear my heart singing

Soon bells will be ringing

This is the moment

Of sweet aloha

I will love you longer than forever

Promise me that you will leave me never

Here and now dear

All my love

I vow dear

Promise me that you will leave me never

I will love you longer than forever

Now that we are one

Clouds won’t hide the sun

Blue skies of Hawaii smile

On this, our wedding day

I do (I do) love you (love you) with all my heart