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I’ll Walk Alone – Dinah Shore

August 7, 2021

Today’s song of the day is “I’ll Walk Alone” by American country music artists Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn.

Fun Facts

  • “I’ll Walk Alone” was written in 1944 with music composed by Jule Styne and lyrics written by Sammy Cahn.
  • The first recording of the song was done in February 1944 by Louis Prima and His Orchestra.
  • “I’ll Walk Alone” was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1944.
  • The record reached its apex as number 1 on the List of Billboard number-one singles of the year (1944).
  • “I’ll Walk Alone” stayed at the top for 4 weeks during its 24 weeks tenure on the chart.
  • Among all the recreations of the song, including those sung by male singers, Dina Shore’s version remains the most popular.

About the Singer

  • Dinah Shore, whose real name was Frances “Fanny” Rose Shore, was an American singer and TV personality from Tennessee.
  • She began her singing career at a nightclub at age 14.
  • Her big break was getting hired by Eddie Cantor for his radio show.
  • Dinah later started her own radio show and starred in movies.
  • She passed away in 1994 from cancer.
SOTD lyrics



I’ll walk alone because to tell you the truth I’ll be lonely,

I don’t mind being lonely when my heart tells me you are lonely too.

I’ll walk alone, they’ll ask me why and I’ll tell them I’d rather.

There are dreams I must gather, dreams we fashioned the night you held me tight.

I’ll always be near you wherever you are each night in every prayer.

If you call, I’ll hear you, no matter how far.

Just close your eyes, and I’ll be there.

Please walk alone and send your love and your kisses to guide me

Till you’re walking beside me, I’ll walk alone.