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In The Still Of The Night – Five Satins

July 21, 2021

Today’s song of the day is “In The Still of the Night” by Five Satins.

Fun Facts

  • Fred Parris wrote “In the Still of the Night,” which his Five Satins recorded. Although at the time, this was a moderate success, for decades it has received significant airplay and is one of the most famous doo-wops written by songwriters, including Debbie Gibson and, amongst others. It can be found in a number of films, including Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, Dirty Dancing, and Buddy Holly’s Story.
  • It was recorded at New Haven, Connecticut’s Saint Bernadette’s Catholic School (February 1956). The song was written by Marty Kugell. Vinny Mazzetta provided New Haven with a saxophone solo. Bobby Mapp, Doug Murray and Curlee Glover were included in the rhythm section (piano). The girl who starred in “The Jones Boy,” a 1954 Mills Brothers hit, was the label’s first release.
  • “The Jones Girl” at Kugell’s Store. Although it was reissued after Ember’s debut and peaked at No. 24 on the national pop charts and No. 3 in the R & B races, it exalted its original reputation for chart placement. For almost three decades, the single has come close to the influential countdown of the WCBS-FM Top 500. The song sold more than 10 million copies in 1987 and 1988 on the Dirty Dancing soundtracks. The song was part of Oldies But Goodies of Original Sound in 1959.
  • The song was entitled “In the Silence of the Night,” in order to avoid confusion with “In the Silence of the Night” by Cole Porter.
  • “In the Still of the Night” was charted by the same artist and in the same version three times on the Billboard Hot 100. It was first published at no. 24 in 1956 and peaked at no. 81 in 1960. It subsequently climbed to No. 99 just over a year later, in 1961.



In the still of the night

I held you

Held you tight

‘Cause I love

Love you so

Promise I’ll never

Let you go

In the still of the night

I remember

That night in May

The stars were bright above

I’ll hope and I’ll pray

To keep

Your precious love

Well before the light

Hold me again

With all of your might

In the still of the night

So before the light

Hold me again

With all of your might

In the still of the night

In the still of the night

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  1. Rick Parker

    Hate to say it I never was much of a Presley fan. Just a little too much shaking going on!


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